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Achieve Your Goals Without Feeling The Heat

The Rosabon Earning Plan (REAP) is a monthly plan which allows you to set aside a part of your earnings every month over a set period of time to meet up with future financial plans. It helps you to plan towards a long-term project to achieve your long term goals whilst you get amazing interest rates on your capital.

Whether you are planning towards building a house, paying your children’s tuition, getting a nice car or even going away on a vacation, REAP allows you to easily achieve these goals simply by placing some amount from your earnings every month in your account.

With REAP you enjoy Flexible monthly payment plan, competitive interest rate which ensures profit in your funds.

From Monday, November 9, 2015 zealous members of staff will be rewarded handsomely in  the 2 – Month Internal REAP promo.  All staff of The Concept group in Lagos and Port Harcourt are eligible to participate in this promo, as Treasury and Non-Treasury can win tax free N25,000 in cash just by opening a minimum of 30  and 20 REAP accounts respectively.

The promo promises to be an exciting one! Watch out for it! For more information contact Yinka of Treasury department on Ext 116.

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