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People at Rosabon (I)

This is a new section that is going to be featured on our blog going forward. We will be catching up with some of our in-house experts as they share some insights on how the company works.

We want our clients to get to know the people behind the brand. These experts will also offer useful tips and advice that entrepreneurs and other business people can tap into. Today’s session Is with Adedayo Oyename, the team lead for our Learning and Development department.

You can read what he had to share about employee development below:

What role does the Learning and Development team play at Rosabon Financial Services?

We offer a variety of training programs; both in-house and outsourced that are targeted at improving the employees. We also offer one on one coaching and other similar initiatives.

Employees tend to plateau and remain at the same level if you let them. The job of the L&D department is to challenge them and help them to improve constantly.

How Does The Learning and Development Team Develop Themselves?

The team has to develop to help others within the organization. The Learning and Development team also attends various training and certification programs to help them get better at their jobs.

We also make sure to get participant feedback and use the information we get to improve and tailor the training programs better. You also find that training others helps you improve; the more of these programs you facilitate, the more you improve.

From Experience, How Successful Have Your Training Programs Been?

I would say that our record speaks for itself.

We measure the effectiveness of our training programs over time and there has been a marked improvement in service delivery, employee attitude, and the achievement of company goals.

Tell Us About A Project You’re Currently Working On For The Company

We’re currently working on an e-learning portal, some business simulation games, and other learning tools that will be focused on helping our employees evolve. We also plan to bring in more experts to train our employees. Learning is a process and it never ends.

You can watch the interview videos on our social media pages.

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