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4 Ways To Save On Back To School Shopping

As a new school term begins, many parents are asking the same question. “How do I get my kids’ back-to-school items at affordable prices?” 

With the current economic situation,  you need every naira you can save, so it is important to shop for quality school supplies in the most affected manner.

To ensure your children start the new school term prepared and ready to work, consider these five ways to save on back-to-school shopping.

Take Stock Of What You Already Have: 

Sometimes you have school supplies leftover from the previous school term. But how would you know this if you don’t take stock?

You’ll save some money by not buying duplicates. 

Let your children help out on this project. Search their closets, drawers, boxes, under the bed, and backpacks. You’d be surprised at what you may find.

Ask The Teacher: 

Most parents get the school supply list and proceed to purchase everything in it only to find out later that their kids only needed 70% of the supply list. 

To avoid this, speak with your kids’ teachers if you can to verify the supplies that are essential.

Once you’ve confirmed the necessities, you can go ahead to purchase them before the first day of school.

Take Advantage Of Thrift Stores:

Brand new and gently used items are often donated to these stores by individuals, corporations,, and organizations.

Instead of paying more at the mall or large retail stores, see how much you can get at these budget-friendly stores.

You can find backpacks, clothes, uniforms, supplies, sporting equipment, and more.

Spread Out The Shopping:

Buying a bulk of school items at once can weigh you down financially. Don’t feel like you have to buy a completely new wardrobe before school starts—because you don’t.

When you spread out the spending over several months, you are relieved of some burdens. Buy a little this month, buy a little next because there is every possibility that your child shoots up another inch by monthly.

Then, it’s back to the racks anyway.

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