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5 Smart Money Tips for Millennials

As millennials, the moment you begin to embrace life in all its glory, setting funds aside for the future may be the furthest thing on your mind.

Being a millennial means having fun and experiencing new adventures. But imagine how wonderful it would be if you could start saving money from a young age and build a reasonable amount of wealth when you get to your 40’s.

We have a list of 5 important money-saving tips to guide you in managing your money better:

Track Your Monthly Expenses 

Creating a budget may seem boring but it’s worth the effort because you need to track your expenses to know your spending habits.

Make a note of your monthly financial goals and categorize all your monthly expenses. Tracking all your spending can make a world of difference to your money habits improve next month.

Have An Emergency Fund

Saving for a rainy day never hurts anyone. 

Emergencies have a terrible way of showing up when they are least expected, so you need to set up an emergency fund ASAP.  
To effectively set up an emergency fund,

Create a goal on how much you wish to save for emergencies.

Now automate a certain amount of your salary to go into your emergency fund every month.

Get Rid Of Freeloaders

We all have that one classic freeloader friend who always wants to have fun but never takes responsibility.

Freeloaders never pay their bills; never return the money they owe you. They want you to do everything for them, and engaging them would be to your detriment. So, if you have such people in your life, ask yourself if you need them, and make the right decision. 

Get A Side Hustle

Some extra cash coming in now and then feels good especially when you are trying to live independently.

Depending on your skill set, earning a decent amount each month is possible, and with technology, you are never short of opportunities. One sure way to earn extra income is by becoming a Rosabon Broker. Visit to start earning mouthwatering commissions from the comfort of your home or office. 

Understand Early Investment And The Magic Of Compound Interest

Investing early puts you at an advantage because your funds will increase exponentially with compound interest.
Decide on how much you want to set aside every month and start accumulating your wealth today. 

Looking for an easy investment option? The Rosabon Treasury Note – RTN is just what you need. You can begin your investment journey with as low as N50,000 and earn up to 16% interest on your funds.
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