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Living The Big Life On A Budget In Lagos

From restaurants, dry cleaning, uber rides, cinemas, clubs to shopping malls, Lagos is that city that keeps ‘taking all your money.” Finding a balance between saving for the rainy days and ‘living in the now’ is an extreme sport, especially if you don’t earn so much in this stressful city. 

To help you navigate this, here are 5 ways to live the big life on a small budget in the city that never sleeps. 

Live Close To Your Office

You don’t need a sage to tell you how terrible the traffic situation is in most parts of Lagos. Not only do you get to spend more money, but you also spend time (that could have been allocated to other useful things) in traffic. 

There’s a feeling of peace that comes with living close to your office — even if you have to squat with a friend or split rent.

Eat Well On Less

With new restaurants and eateries emerging daily, it is quite easy to spend over half of your income on food. DON’T do that! 

Stock up and cook your meals as much as you can because this is always cheaper than buying food every day. If you must buy, search for affordable meals by your standard. 

Attend Free Events

If you want to make new friends or try new things, there are numerous ticket-free events in Lagos for you to attend. Some of these events include; Eyo festival, Lagos Trade Fair, Adire festival, GTBank Food and Drinks, and more.

This way you can enjoy your city and try out different fun activities without emptying your pocket or account. 

Avoid Public Holiday Outings

There are only a few things worse than going out during public holidays in Lagos. The malls, cinemas, parks, beaches, and everything in between are usually packed full of people. 

Asides from having to buy things at more expensive prices during this period, you are more likely to run into friends, and you know what that means – more money of course! 

Consider A Staycation

Nowadays, vacations don’t come cheap. So, instead of parting with hundreds of thousands for a one-week trip, you should consider being a tourist in your city.  

There are lots of places in Lagos that you have never seen. Take out a few days to explore them. Who knows, you just might stumble upon luxurious hidden gems close to home. You could stay in an affordable hotel or serviced apartment to enjoy these gems.

Never Forget To Save

In all your doings in Lagos, never forget to always set some funds aside for the rainy days.  One sure way to do this is by opening a Rosabon Earning Plan – REAP Account. 

REAP is a flexible and high reward investment plan for low – high-income earners who want to save up for specific goals. With REAP, you enjoy a secure and convenient way of getting rewarded on your funds.
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