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Access Up to 15 million Naira and Above Stress-Free and Affordable Loan

The first half of the year is already upon us and we are quite sure you are looking through your list of financial goals you hope to achieve before the end of the year, some slated for the first two quarters of the year and they seem like they’d just be another failed plan; the business you planned to embark on, owning your apartment, investing in a project and many other things had lined up for the year.


Everything seems not to be going like you planned or anticipated. It’s not like you’ve been lazy or you spend money recklessly, in fact, you’ve put in more effort to be financially responsible than you have in the previous years but, your monthly income measured against your financial responsibilities makes it seem like all your effort is just child’s play.


Putting your responsibilities at the top of your to-do list once you receive “alert” is obviously the most sensible to do, however, the feeling of not achieving your financial goals or dreams continue to make you feel unfulfilled, which makes you wonder what you’ve ever been able to achieve.


You consider taking a loan but the approval process, documentation and requirements such as having an asset and others just puts you off and even if you are able to meet up, it might not be disbursed on time.


All that we’ve stated above would be true, that is, if you do not have access to the right information or you apply with a financial organization with rigid requirements. There are Quick loans with fast approval process you can apply for, most especially as a salaried Employee.

One of them is “Rosabon Asset Cash Loan (ACL)”,  created to give you access to credit facilities of up to 15 million Naira and above by using your vehicle(s) as an asset to access the loan. During the repayment period which is up to 24 months, you continue to enjoy the use of your vehicle for your regular day to day or business activities. Thereby, enabling you to achieve your financial goals easily.


Benefits of Rosabon ACL

  • Minimal interest rates
  • Access to 15 Million Naira and UP!
  • Full unrestricted access to your vehicle. You still get to have it in your possession.
  • Repayment period of up to 24 months (2 years)!
  • Fast approval process!

ACL is quick and easy!
Click here to apply to for Rosabon Asset Cash Loan (ACL) —> or send a mail to [email protected] to apply.

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