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Baba Ade Easily Accessed 1 Million Naira To Pay For His Son’s Medical Expenses

Yes, you read that right. You can access up to 1 million Naira loan without any collateral or asset with Rosabon Personal Loan facility.


Rosabon Personal Loan is stress-free and affordable and it can be delivered to you within 48 hours once all the requirements are met.


Baba Ade, who suddenly had an urgent need for N1,000,000 Naira as a result of a sudden medical expense he never planned.


His son, Ade, a final year Medical student had been diagnosed with a kidney disease, the medical bills requested by the hospital was well over 2 million naira. Baba Ade and his family were able to raise over a million Naira but the doctors could not start Ade’s treatment until the money was complete.


They contacted all their family members and acquaintances in order to raise the rest of the money, including people they had helped in time past, but no one was willing to lend them such an amount of money and time wasn’t on their side. A family friend who had obtained a Personal loan from Rosabon Financial Services in the past suggested the credit facility to Baba Ade as a quick and viable alternative without any collateral.


His friend brought him into the office, and he went along with all the necessary documents and requirements. His loan was disbursed in less than 48 hours, everything is now history.

Ade is now doing well as a medical doctor.


You too can easily pay for that family emergency, children’s school fees, buy a land and achieve all your financial goals with our Personal loan.


Rosabon’s Personal loan comes with a flexible repayment period of 3 to 8 months.


Start today and apply by sending a mail to [email protected].

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