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Back To School: Tips To Help You Prepare for your Kids’ New Academic Session

It is almost that time of the year for the kids to return back to school after a super lengthy summer break at home and while some parents enjoyed the quality time they had to spend with their kids, some can’t wait for the new academic session to begin.

You can obviously tell which segment he is

Whether you enjoyed the break the kids spent at home or not, you still have to adequately prepare for their resumption and we are not talking about just school fees alone (which is important), but some little things you might overlook which in one way or the other aids children’s overall performance in school.

We have compiled a few tips to help parents or guardians get their kids ready for a new academic session:

Revert The Children Back To Their Regular Day-to-Day School Sleeping Routine

Children need adequate sleep to be able to function properly and pay appropriate attention during educational and extracurricular activities in school. The summer break availed to them liberty to sleep and wake up more than or less than they’d on a normal schooling day.

It is important to revert them back to their normal sleeping routine, that is, “early to bed early to rise”. Sleeping early provides kids with adequate sleep needed to rise up early(most times with your assistance) and get prepared for school.

In case you are wondering what schedule or sleep routine is appropriate for your kid(s), here is a table provided by National Sleep Foundation:

Age Recommended May be appropriate Not recommended

1-2 years

11 to 14 hours 9 to 10 hours

15 to 16 hours

Less than 9 hours

More than 16 hours


3-5 years

10 to 13 hours 8 to 9 hours

14 hours

Less than 8 hours

More than 14 hours

School-aged Children

6-13 years

9 to 11 hours 7 to 8 hours

12 hours

Less than 7 hours

More than 12 hours


14-17 years

8 to 10 hours 7 hours

11 hours

Less than 7 hours

More than 11 hours

The table above should help you determine a plan(recommended and maybe appropriate session) for your children’s sleeping routine.

Make an Inventory of School Supplies and Education Materials Needed

First, write out a list of every school material that your kid(s) currently have, determine which one stays and which one goes. Create a list of items to be replaced and new items you’d have to buy for the academic session.

Find out from your kid(s)’ institution the educational materials needed for the new school year to enable you get the funds ready and procure them promptly.

It’d also be nice to ask your kids which supplies they’d love to have or change when they return back to school.

Shop for the Items Needed

The next thing would be to shop for items in the list you’ve created. You should also consider shopping online, during the back to school period, there are lots of discounts on kids items for school on popular e-commerce websites in Nigeria. This helps you save cost.

Also, most schools in Nigeria provide and include items such as school uniforms, physical education wears(or sportswear), notebooks, textbooks and or more in the new academic session tuition fees depending on the school’s policy.

Reassure and Prepare Your Kids Mind

Kids often times get scared or carried away when they’re about to start a new school year. Sometimes because of the new faces they’d meet, new teachers, peer pressure, new subjects, new academic level or undue pressures mounted on them by parents and family.

It is important to reassure them about the new academic session and let them know that you believe in them, children take motivational words from their parents seriously. Pep talks also helps keep them focused.

Invest In Their Future

It is good to have a financial plan for your kids and setting aside funds for their education goes a long way in helping them achieve their own goals or the dreams that you envision for them. A financial plan not only ensure that your children’s future are secured, it also takes financial burden that may arise away. Most especially when you have to make lump sum payment for their school fees or for any other emergencies relating to the kids.

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