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The Cobalt Tie Dinner Like No Other

Hold your horses! Take a break from your busy day and get an eyeful at what went down on the 27th of November, 2016. It was a spectacle indeed as “The Cobalt Tie Dinner” was hosted by The Concept Group specially for its exclusive Clienteles.

There’s nothing more exciting than when a group of like-minded men and women com together to network and unwind after a rigorous year.

November 27th was a remarkable day at the popular Italian restaurant, Villa Medici, where a grand corporate dinner was hosted for its prestigious customers.

Progression was the order of the day as the goal of the event was geared towards building new relationships and sustaining old ones with current and potential partners.

The corporate dinner tagged “Cobalt Tie Dinner”, was the first annual dinner organized by the company who had the whole place painted “Blue”, a symbol for loyalty, confidence and stability.

With this dinner, the company intends to reach out a hand of gratitude to its Clients for their Loyalty over the years, the confidence they put in the capability of the company, as well as the stability of its operations.

We have taken the initiative to attach a pictorial representation of what went down at the Villa. Find below, for your viewing pleasure, some of the significant images captures at the event by FemiPhoto.





A huge gratitude goes to the management for an opportunity such as this.

We hope for a successful 2017.

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