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Don’t Be Caught Unaware, Save Up For The Rainy Days!

Many times, the need for funds arise and you have to draw up from your emergency funds, at other times you may set up a savings plan for a specific purpose or goal, for example, buying your dream car, paying your kid’s school fees or going on a vacation with your family. These are some of the numerous reasons why we all need to save.

It’s easier said than done, you may say and yes we understand this considering the ever rising cost of living in this part of the country, however, the need to save can still not be overemphasized.

We all need to learn that the art is not in making money, but in keeping it and the following tips will teach us how:

savings2 Pay yourself first

Paying yourself before doing any other thing is one of the smartest ways to saving money. You must decide the amount you want to spend on yourself in a week or a month depending on your earning period. This can be done by recording your needed expenses each day both weekdays and weekends.

“It is much better to pay yourself first by creating a savings goal each month, then paying fixed expenses and budgeting the rest for variable spending,”-Jimenez.

savings6 Save for a purpose

You must have a purpose for saving. You can start by choosing a particular thing you want to accomplish with the money saved. It could be a house, vacation, retirement and more.

Once you have a reason or purpose for saving, it becomes easier for you to put money aside each day, month etc.

With the Rosabon investment growth program affords you the opportunity for safe and reliable funds placement with incredible interest rates with its Rosabon Earning Plan (REAP) which affords you the opportunity to put aside funds for a financial obligation.

savings4Pick the right saving tool

Rosabon products create the right tools for funds placement. It has a variety of options with incredible interest rates to choose from:

Rosabon Earning Plan (REAP): it gives you the opportunity to set aside funds for a particular project, majorly short term like,  buy a landed property, payment of children’s school fees or house rent.

Rosabon Treasury Note (RTN):  It is a fixed fund placement account that helps you set aside funds for a longer period of time and it guarantees a higher interest rate and fixed investment plan.

Rosabon Win-Big Note (RWIN): Is a fund management service that allows clients to earn competitive returns on their fund placements as well as a chance to win up to 250,000.00 in a monthly raffle draw.


Stay committed

Commitment is the bedrock of saving. Commitment laced with consistency will make your funds grow faster. Nobody ever lost money by storing it consistently in the right place. Without Commitment, all the listed points on saving above will be dashed to the rocks continuously.

Being committed guarantees continuous savings growth.  You are also advised to continuously check on your savings balance because it encourages you to save more when the increment is sighted. “Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like” – Will Smith.

Aries Jimenez, financial life planner for San Diego Wealth Management explained that “being a saver as opposed to a spender is a mindset that may not be natural to most people, however, it can be developed through practice.”

It can never be too early or too late to begin saving, get on our Rosabon Investment Growth program and you are assured to be in for a pleasant ride.

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