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business loan

Money Matter: Don’t Panic, Get a loan to help your business

business loan

Do you need money for your business?  Do not panic, you can get the help you required with Rosabon Business Support Loan.  

Let’s face it, as a business owner, you clearly have little or no clue as to what the remaining part of the year holds for their business and the economy. That is why, in the wake of growing customer demands,  you may need financial assistance for your business to recover from the impact of the pandemic and stay ahead of the curveballs in the game.

 With Rosabon Offerings, your business can borrow to expand its operations and to meet day to day operation obligations.

Here are three steps to taking  a Rosabon Business Loan:
1.Before taking a loan:
  • Ask the following questions: 
  • How much do I wish to borrow?
  • What’s my plan for the funds?
  • Does my business’ planned investment have a good ROI that can be achieved?

2.Consider the available financial opportunities

With the right funding;

  • You can fulfil your business requirements without losing assets and resources.
  • You can expand your business capabilities
  • Accelerate business process and output generation with the financial assistance 
  • Get a convenient and efficient way of procuring necessary goods and inventory.
3. Choose Rosabon Business Support Loan

Rosabon’s all-encompassing financial solution, Rosabon  Business Support Loan is created for Nigerian SMEs to ensure you can cater to your daily operational needs and still set funds aside to cater to other short or long-term goals. You can get up to N6 million to help you leverage your business.

Some of the benefits of the Rosabon Business Support Loan are:

  • Ease of access to funds,
  • Minimal interest rates 
  • Flexible repayment period spanning across 48 months.

Get started today, leverage on Rosabon Business Loan to grow your business. Want to know more about the Rosabon offerings, click here.

Alternatively, you can contact us today and call  0700-7672266, 01- 4601130, 090-8898-8555 or call Sophia on 0815 084 6659 (Port Harcourt), Chineye on 0815 088 0082 (Port Harcourt) or Aderonke on 0811 239 1001 (Abuja) or send us an email at [email protected]

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