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Happy Valentine: The Best Gift for Your Loved Ones This Valentine

Showing your loved ones how much you love and care for them shouldn’t be done just on Valentine’s day. This should be shown every chance you get.

And one of the best ways to do this is planning ahead for their future, giving them a gift that would last a lifetime.

This Valentine Day your gift to them shouldn’t be just about what you think they want, but about what they need.

Everyone desires financial security, knowing they can easily finance their needs and achieve their goals with ease in the nearest or in a distant future.


How About Gifting them One of Our Investment Plans?


Rosabon WIn Big Note (RWIN) – An RWIN investment account is a great plan for your loved ones this season. With as low as N20,000 they can win as high as N250,000 monthly with other cash prices and consolation prices. The amazing thing is, asides these amazing benefits, they also get accrued interest on their investment regardless.


Rosabon Earning Plan (REAP) – This is a highly rewarding investment plan tailored specifically for you to reach those long / short term project, say, the purchase of a brand new car, the purchase of a land etc… REAP comes with a lot of amazing benefits such as; flexible monthly deposits, interest rates as high as 14% on investments and so much more. You can start investing for your loved ones now with a minimum of N20,000.


Rosabon Treasury Note (RTN) – This tenor based investment plan offers highly competitive interest rates placed funds. RTN comes with a lot of benefits, a 1% sign up bonus when funds are placed for a period of 6 months and above, interest rate as high as 20%, you also get to negotiate interest rates on investments above 1 million naira. Interest can also be paid upfront or at the end of the tenor, based on your preference. Your loved ones can start earning these rewards when you place a minimum of N50,000 in an RTN account opened specially for them.
Let’s walk you through the process. Send an email to [email protected], chat us up on WhatsApp at +2348150880038 or call us on +2348150880039.

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