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It is no news that the recession is biting hard and with Christmas around the corner, expenses are about to go up the roof. As a result, making extra income will not be a bad idea for anyone, especially you a 9-5er.

Are you a banker seeking ways to augment your income? Award Winning Rosabon Financial Services is offering you a good opportunity to double your salary this season by becoming an Independent Sales Consultant for us without quitting your job.

Rosabon offers a wide range of financial products and as a sales consultant, you serve as a link between our affordable financial products and your network of customers, friends and associates who might need them.

The brokerage initiative is a great way for you to earn extra income by introducing these businesses and clients to place their funds and get competitive interest rates or acquire an affordable lease from Rosabon Financial Services.

Getting your brokerage as an independent consultant is a very easy and transparent process. Why? Rosabon boasts of a unique system called the Broker’s Portal, where all your activities are logged in for you to see your progress. Once you introduce individuals/organizations who are in need of our products directly to us, our sales representative will follow up with the client/.lead and ensure the lead is closed successfully.  No Hassle!

That’s not all, the portal allows brokers to interact, network and share ideas with access to trainings and resources that would help you become better to gain more leads and in turn get more incentives.

To become a Rosabon Independent Sales Consultant:

  • Sign up here
  • Activate your account by clicking the activation link received via e-mail after registration
  • Log into your account on the portal and update your information
  • Take the introductory training
  • Start gaining leads!

For more information, send us a mail at [email protected] or call 08150880069, 08150880038, 08150880039

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