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Making The Most From Your Salary

It’s Salary week again and many people have exhausted theirs even before they receive their alert notification. 

Have you ever been broke almost immediately after you get paid? Or do you usually spend over 70% of your salary within one week? You are not alone, but this is a cause to worry because failing to properly manage your income is the first step in the wrong direction. 

Want to break free from the struggle of surviving and counting down till the next pay day? Here’s how : 

Break down your Paycheck

First things first! Go over your paycheck to see exactly how much you have to work with after taxes, insurance and other deductions have been made from your salary. Once you do this, it would be easier to justify how you spend your money.  

Avoid Borrowing from Friends

The more you borrow to cover this month’s bills, the more you need to take out from your salary next month to offset your debt. If you do this constantly, you won’t only have issues with your friends, you may also end up financially unstable for a long time. If you must seek financial assistance, get an affordable loan from Rosabon Financial Services

Plan Ahead with Rosabon Earning Plan (REAP)

The saying, “You reap what you sow” has never been truer, so it is necessary that you sow right. With the Rosabon Earning Plan (REAP), you can ‘sow’ as little as N20,000 monthly to enjoy a stress free future. 

REAP is a secure, flexible, and convenient wealth placement plan that ensures that you get maximum rewards on your funds. This flexible monthly plan comes with amazing interest rates that allow you to REAP much more than you sowed. Visit to start your journey to living like a boss that you are!

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