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MMM Nigeria freezes all confirmed accounts as panic, confusion grip Nigerians

Members of the famous money-doubling scheme, Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox, MMM Nigeria have been thrown into panic and great confusion, last Tuesday, following the message from the ponzi scheme freezing all confirmed Mavros, otherwise known as money due for withdrawal for one month.

All members woke up with the shock message displayed on the screen as soon as they logged into their accounts. Giving reasons for freezing the Mavros, the scheme said it is experiencing heavy workload and want to deal with the attacks coming from the country’s mass media.

It also said it wants to prevent hitches in the coming year hence, the freezing of the access to requesting for payments even when such person is due for payment.

They also argued that this decision of the scheme’s management will trigger the downfall of the scheme. They said most people will hence, be skeptical in staking their money while a good number of them said such decision is selfish and would have been better if it was conveyed to members before now.

Another member lamented thus; “One of my down lines was supposed to pay 50k today and he has just called me to tell me he isn’t paying again till this is sorted out. Exactly my point, If millions GH in January, how will the system manage that, bearing in mind that this act of suspension of GH this period will discourage many people from joining; who will pay the January GH?”

However, this member seemed to be very courageous despite the message. He wrote thus: “I was drinking Hollandia yoghurt when someone called me to say that MMM has been frozen. Oboy, the Hollandia started tasting like Alomo. But no shaking….. I dey kampe.”

Recall that a similar Ponzi scheme, Ultimate Cycler, crashed last two weeks and up until now, the site is yet to be alive. Although a message displayed on the site said it is undergoing maintenance, a routine it said would only last for about 6 to 12 hours, yet, for two weeks now, the site is still inaccessible.

With the current freezing message from MMM, the fear is that it could tour the line of the crashed Ultimate Cycler. This tends to further give grounds to another school of thought who have it that all ponzi schemes do not last more than one year.

Source: Vanguard


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