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Money Saving Tips We Can Learn From Mothers


Mother’s Day was yesterday, a day to honour moms and we are sure we all took our time to celebrate our wonderful mothers for their love, support and care.

Mothers are the backbone of managing the home’s finance, little wonder they are often referred to as the “Minister of Finance” of the home. They do not only ensure funds allotted for a period of time or for specific purpose(s) are well managed, they also ensure kids know how to prioritize and make smart decisions when it involves money.

Here are Money Saving Tips We can Learn From Moms:



One of the foremost tips we can learn from mothers is to be better at planning. You need to be conscious of how much money comes in every month and how much money is spent. It is only then you can figure out how to manage and save those coins better. So, the simple thing to do is to note down how much you earn at the beginning or the end of each month. Deduct all the necessary payments such as; rent, household supplies, Children / house maintenance expenses, utilities, etc. You can then plan from what is left, which of course would be to save. If you are managing your money well like a mother would, you should have saved up a decent amount of money. If not, there’s something you are doing wrong.

  1. Negotiate Way Cheaper Than The Seller Claims

If you’ve ever gone to the market with your mom, then you’ll know they are the best negotiators around. Sometimes their battering skills can be annoying but, you’ll eventually realize it is the best if you intend to have money to save.

The money saved from negotiating might seem little but when you put it together over a period of time, you’ll notice that it is a substantial amount.

  1. Live Within Your Means

If there is one thing mothers ensure they do, they set a spending limit and do not spend above the limit. They achieve this by being financially responsible and do not spend or buy things on impulse. If they ever need to spend beyond their means, it is usually for family emergencies or an irresistible offer that’d reduce their spending cost or amount to profit in the future.

Like mothers, set a budget for yourself and ensure you do not spend above your limit. You’d be surprised how much you will be able to save.



Mothers are entrepreneurs, they never cease to look for little side businesses they can engage themselves in to bring in more income for the family. Mothers enjoy selling and you will see them taking snacks and beverages around with them to sell, ensuring their friends and people in the neighborhood are aware of the products or services they provide.

So, whenever you get a chance, look for a side business you can start to make extra income.

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