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Festive season vacation

Planning Your Vacation for The Festive Season

The festive season is here and I’m sure you are already planning for a vacation with your family to the village, cool tourist spots within the country or outside the country. You’ve probably lined up different activities you wish to engage yourself in during the break and if you haven’t, going on a vacation should be on the top of your list.

A vacation is the perfect way for you to unwind, tour, take your mind off all the work stress, enjoy with your family and see various new sights you probably only get to see on Television or social media.


As great as it’d be to go on that vacation you’ve always dreamed of for the Festive Season(most especially if you plan on going outside the country), if you don’t have the needed funds to travel to your choice destination, it might end up being a dream that’d be left unfulfilled and we all know how depressing that can be.


You might have also found an attractive vacation package online at a huge discount rate for the festive season but the funds you have presently isn’t adequate for you to book it. You keep thinking about it everyday because the discount offer expires soon and you are almost sure you won’t be able to source for the funds.

You consider taking a loan but the approval process, documentation and requirements such as having an asset or providing guarantors just puts you off, even if you are able to meet up, the offer would have ended and your loan application might not get approved.


All that we’ve stated above would be true, that is, if you do not have access to the right information or you apply with a financial organization with rigid requirements. There are Quick loans with fast approval process you can apply for, most especially as a Salary Earner. One of them is Rosabon Personal Loan, a loan facility provided by Rosabon Financial Services, a leading non-banking financial institution in Nigeria.


Rosabon Personal Loan is a credit facility that gives you access to up to N3,000,000 without any collateral or guarantor. The loan is disbursed to you within a few hours once all the requirements are met. With this package, you can pay for that dream vacation within hours and fulfill your dream.

It also comes with a flexible repayment period of up to 8 months, so when you return from your vacation, you do not have a huge burden about repaying your loan.


There are so many other Quick Loans you can access from Rosabon Financial Services, however, if you intend to obtain a quick loan to travel for this festive period, this is the best credit facility for you.

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