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Preparing Your Kids For A New School Year

Kids returning to school

For kids, the long, and relaxing summer break is finally coming to an end. Soon, they will trade their swimsuits for backpacks as back-to-school preparations start. 

Whether you and your children look forward to this event or dread the regimented school days ahead, one thing is for sure – entering a new school year entails another big transition for both parties. 

As summer fades away, here are six ways for your kids (and you) to cope with the biggest adjustments and make those first weeks of school easier:

Gradually Adjust Your Schedule

It’s time for your kids to say goodbye to long late nights and welcome early mornings. 

Start easing them into their school-year routine a couple of weeks before school begins so that they don’t have a difficult time later. Make them go to bed early, wake up early, and have their meals around the same time they will be having them when school begins.

Get Them Excited About The Upcoming School Year

Before summer break ends, find opportunities to talk to your kid(s) about the upcoming school year. Bring up topics that get them excited and eager to return to school. 

It could be about spending time with friends, their favourite teachers or a subject they are interested in. Highlighting these provides them with something to look forward to.

Discuss  Covid-19 Prevention Protocols With Them

To keep your children safe as they return to school, you must talk to them about the importance of handwashing, physical distancing, wearing masks, etc.

Most schools already have prevention strategies, but it is better if they hear from you first. This way, they will be more careful and less resistant to protocols when they return to school. 

Get Them Familiar With The School 

If your kids are returning to the same school, great! You only need to talk about any differences this year. However, if this is their first year at this school, you may take some trips there so they can get a feel of the school’s setting. 

If you are allowed to, let them check out the building, classrooms, library, playground, and other areas. This is a terrific way to help them feel more comfortable on the first day.

Organize School Supplies In Advance

There are plenty of things to organize before school starts. School uniforms, books, stationery, and a lot more. Starting early not only reduces the back-to-school-related stress but also helps your kids look forward to heading back to school.  

Take them shopping with you and let them choose their school supplies so that they can feel more excited about school. 

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