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5 Mistakes To Avoid While Building Your Funds Reserve

Committing to saving more for emergencies and other life goals is just the first step towards protecting your financial future. The next step is ensuring that you invest your funds the right way.  

Want a more financially solid reserve? Here are some money-saving mistakes to avoid:

Focusing on Saving at the Expense of Everything Else

One common mistake people make when they start saving is saving too much. Sounds ironic right? While it’s a good idea to put a certain amount of your income aside for long and short-term goals, it can be more expensive in the long run to focus on saving and nothing else.

When you focus on just saving, you are more likely to accumulate more high-interest debts that will have you paying more than you bargained for.

Not Prioritizing Your Saving

While you don’t want to rack up debts by focusing on saving money only, you also don’t want to prioritize some types of debt over setting money aside for the future. 

Regardless of your earnings and expenses, you should take building your savings very seriously. That way, you’ll have more money set aside for the future, and that money will have more time to grow.

Going for the cheaper options of everything

To save more money, you may be tempted to spend less to hit your goal faster. One way to spend less is to buy the cheapest version of everything you can. 

While this sounds ideal, it may be counter-productive because most items made cheaply do not last, so you will spend more money in the long run to replace it every time it breaks. So, always look for ways to buy quality items at a discounted price.

Not starting early

Another mistake people often make when saving money is procrastinating or telling themselves that they will start saving after they’ve reached a particular milestone. That milestone might be paying off a specific debt or earning a specific annual salary.

It doesn’t matter how little you start with, the best time to start saving is now. 

Making poor investment choices

Making poor investment choices will do you more harm than good. 

It is not enough to invest, you need to invest in secure and high-yielding plans that give you amazing returns on your funds. 

Are you frustrated about the next-to-nothing interest you get from your bank? Place your funds in the Rosabon Treasury Note – RTN, and earn up to a whopping 16 percent interest on your investment. 

With as low as N50,000 you can get on board and EARN great returns! 

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