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5 Investment Myths Busted!

The world of investment can seem a daunting place and the many misconceptions about it don’t help either. Many people have been held back from investing because of these horrible stories and experiences shared by others. 

To grow your wealth over the long term it is important to get the right information in order to make informed decisions. 

Let’s bust five common investment myths that may be stopping you from building your wealth.

You are too young to start investing

Being young, living in the moment, and enjoying a vibrant life isn’t bad. However, many believe that they have plenty of time to invest when they are much older. 

This isn’t a wise thing to do because when it comes to investing, time is of great importance. Long-term investment strategies are less volatile and may help build your wealth over the years.

Investing requires a substantial time commitment

Have you been avoiding investments because you’ve heard stories about having to dedicate long hours to actively monitor your portfolio? 

This isn’t true in all cases, and with a plan like the Rosabon Treasury Note – RTN, your investments are professionally managed and require little monitoring. With the Rosabon Treasury Note, you can rest easy knowing that your money is growing and secure with us. 

Investing is for the rich

If you think investing is just for CEOs and millionaires, you’re mistaken. The truth is that you don’t need millions to start an investment portfolio, and even a small capital investment will deliver returns over time.  

With as low as N50,000, you can invest in the Rosabon Treasury Note and enjoy high returns on your funds. 

You need to be an expert to invest

While it’s true that investing requires a considerable level of expertise, this is not a reason to avoid it entirely. 

With the Rosabon Treasury Note, you don’t need to be an expert to invest.  Our team of expert fund managers is ready to work with you as you determine your most suitable deposit, the tenor of investment and the form of payment.

Investing is too risky

Perhaps you have heard sour stories about people losing their money in failed investments and have decided never to invest. Rosabon Treasury Note is the best investment plan for you, 

It is a highly rewarding plan that gives you as much as 13.25% on funds –  a benefit you can’t enjoy with your regular business and/or savings account.

We are fully licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, so you can rest easy knowing that your funds are completely safe with us. 

Investing isn’t as complex, time-consuming, or risky as you may assume. With a reliable financial partner like Rosabon Financial Services, you can put together an investment portfolio that suits your financial needs. 
Ready to take your investment to a whole new level? Visit  to begin.

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