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Signs You Are Making The Right Money Moves

You’ve worked so hard to build up your savings, pay off your debts, boost your credit score and live comfortably. But, how do you know that this hard work is paying off?

There are several ways to tell if you are making the right money moves that will help boost your financial security. These four signs are the validation that your money moves are the right ones.

You’ve Built An Emergency Fund

Emergencies constantly pop up at any time. Without adequate funds set aside, you may have to find alternatives (some of which are stressful).

A fund stocked with enough cash for emergencies is one sure sign that you’re making the right money moves. If you have at least six months’ worth of daily living expenses saved in an emergency fund, be proud you’re doing something right.

You’re Not Neck Deep In Debts 

Being saddled with tons of debt is an ultimate dream killer that often leads to financial apathy and overall unhappiness. So, if you’ve mastered the art of living within your means, cutting down your debts, and paying what you owe right on time, you are doing well.

Monthly Bills Don’t Make You Sweat

If you get anxious about paying your cable, utility, and other monthly bills, that’s a sure sign that you’re living paycheck to paycheck.

However, if bills don’t make you cringe, and you always have enough to cover them, you’re doing something right with your finances.

Your Fund Placement Account Is Growing Each Month

The goal is to make enough money to pay your bills each month and still have a certain percent leftover that you can save. If you notice that you have more money in your fund placement account at the end of every month, be happy. 

Do you know what would even make you happier? Placing your funds in a highly rewarding plan such as the Rosabon Earning Plan – REAP.

REAP is a secure, convenient and high reward investment plan that helps you to set funds aside towards specific goals. With this plan, you get a flexible monthly savings plan and competitive interest rate which ensures profit in your funds and so much more.

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