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Put A Smile On Your Child’s Face; Invest In Their Future

From the moment your child is born, they rely on you for everything important in their lives; from the day they take their first step with their trusting hands in yours, to the day you celebrate their graduation from the university with a smile on your face.

Money isn’t everything, but it is vital to make your kids’ dreams come true. When you have savings, you can meet the future without hesitation and with a smile on your face.

It’s never too early to start setting funds aside for your kids’ future. You might be saving for the long-term, to cover university costs; or it could be a short-term thing to make paying their next school fees stress-free. Either way, we recognize the need to put your children first, and we’ve got you covered.

REAP is the ideal way to set funds aside for your kids’ future. With as little as N20,000 you can start sowing into their future. With great interest rates that make saving rewarding and incentivize you to save more, REAP is the low-high income earner’s best friend.


At Rosabon, we understand that saving is not very easy, especially in this economic climate. But we also recognize the importance of setting funds aside for the future.  Hence we aim to make saving as rewarding as possible for you. Place your funds with REAP and watch your money grow.


We offer interest rates as high as 12.50% on fund placements, as well as the option to make monthly payments into your REAP account via a standing order mandate to your bank. We offer 0.50% incremental interests to all clients who do this.

You can visit our site and calculate potential interests on your deposits here

Other Benefits of REAP include:

  • Monthly deposits which are flexible and can be liquidated at any time.
  • Competitive interest rates which ensure profits on your savings, no matter how small they are.
  • You can start saving with as little as N20,000.
  • Your funds are a 100% secure with us.

Call  +2348150880038 or email [email protected] to start saving today.

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