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Rosabon Financial Services Educates Public School Principals on Financial Intelligence

The Education Sector is the backbone of every nation and educationists particularly teachers and principals play a crucial role in laying the foundation for this framework, such that they are directly at the forefront, impacting knowledge, morals and skills into students, who are our leaders of tomorrow.


This, we understand, which was why we partnered with the Teachers Establishment and Pensions Office (TEPO) Lagos State in a two days event to educate and empower newly inaugurated Public School Principals on Financial intelligence, because we’ve come to realise that finance is a core part of every individual’s day to day activities, including Principals and once there is a problem bothering on finances, it directly or indirectly affects their performance delivery while discharging their educational/administrative duties.

Speaking at the financial intelligence session, our lead Brokers Admin Manager, Mrs Martina Amos, defined financial intelligence as “knowing how to manage your finances by setting priorities and being disciplined financially” i.e placing your needs at the top of your monthly spending.

She also talked about the need to imbibe a savings culture and saving at least 10% of one’s income.

Adding to the speech Mrs Martina had given earlier, Mr Cyril, explained that Financial Intelligence is a way of thinking and can be described as one’s mindset. He also added that  “we should be able to train our mind to make smart decisions when it comes to managing funds”. He further reiterated the importance of saving at least 10% of your monthly income, not just in a regular bank savings account but in an investment account that would earn you high interest rate at the end of the duration period.


The two speakers also used the opportunity to introduce some of our investment products to the principals, such as the Rosabon Earning plan (REAP), Rosabon Win Big Note (RWIN) and Rosabon Treasury Note (RTN) and explained how flexible and rewarding they have been to our numerous customers. The products also offers the opportunity for customers to borrow against their investment, while they continue earning interest rates on their investment and repay easily at minimal interest rate.

At the end of the session, one of the principals gave a vote of thanks to Rosabon Financial Services for educating them on Financial Intelligence and prayed that institution collaborates with their schools and the government to enlighten teachers and parents on financial intelligence.

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