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Smart Spending Tips For The Festive Season

The festive season can be quite draining on the pockets; especially with all the parties, shows, and get-togethers happening everywhere as we celebrate the end of the year.

It is however important to be conscientious about your spending and ensure that you have some money left to tide you over in the month of January.

These are our expert tips to help you spend smart this festive season.

Have A Specific Budget In Mind

It can be easy to get carried away and buy everything you want, after all, it’s Christmas. But you’ll find that if you create a budget and outline exactly how much you plan to spend this festive season, you’ll make better decisions.

It’s Not Too Late To Save

You might be thinking, ‘well Christmas is already here, what’s the point?’

But you still have 14 days. Put away every extra kobo you can before the actual day of celebration and you’ll be surprised at how it adds up.

Buy In Bulk

Buy everything in bulk. It costs so much less when you buy in bulk, and in the highly unlikely event that anything is left over from the festive season, you can always use them next year.

Plan Ahead

If you plan to travel, buy fuel or flight tickets early. If you’re going to concerts, buy or reserve your tickets now. Do your Christmas gift shopping now, if you haven’t already. Prices only increase the closer we get to Christmas.


Shop Smart

Before you buy anything, do your research. Compare prices online and offline before you make your final decision.


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