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Surviving The Long January Financially

Surviving financially in January has become a skill that, sadly, only a few people possess.

With January comes a lot of new financial responsibilities- rent, school fees, and other numerous projects that you need money to complete.

And there’s you, a salary earner or business owner that got too carried away with ‘detty December’ and is now cash-strapped.

Wondering how to get through the 60 Days in January? These tips will help you.

Cut Back On Your Expenses

If you spent excessively in December, January gives you the perfect opportunity to be thriftier. 

Whether it’s opting for home-cooked meals, cutting down on streaming services, or joining the bus, cutting back on your spending gives you more money to play around with. 

Whatever you do, aim to cut back on spending on at least one thing for a whole month and then see how you are with it at the end. 

Learn To Budget 

If you typically overspend on the wrong things, January is the perfect month to become more organized with your money. 

Work out exactly how much goes out and when each month. If you map your money out beforehand, it becomes more difficult to overspend on the wrong things.

You can also set up a flexible savings plan like the Rosabon Earning Plan – REAP to cater to specific goals.

Cut Down On Transport Costs 

If you can walk to work, or carpool, you could reduce your costs significantly this month and even beyond.

This isn’t limited to your office alone. Consider walking to the shops, friends’ houses, or anywhere else you plan to spend time that is a short distance.

Aside from the cost-saving benefit, you also get a chance to exercise. 

Start A Side Hustle 

You don’t only have to reduce your costs this month, you should also figure out a way to increase your income. 

Starting a side hustle is one of the best ways to earn more cash. And guess what? It’s easier than you think!

Simply signing up as a Rosabon Broker allows you to earn instant and mouth-watering commissions daily.

What tips do you use to get through January? Share with us in the comments section below. 

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