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Take Charge of Your Financial Future Today

The future may not be certain, but we will all agree that having a solid financial plan makes it worth looking forward to. With the wide range of Fund Placement Plans from Rosabon Financial Services, planning for the future has never been easier! 

Our bespoke Treasury Products were created to help you live the lifestyle you desire while positioning you on the right track to take charge of your financial future.

Are you tired of meager interest rates on your regular savings account? Try the Rosabon Win-Big Monthly Note popularly known as RWIN. All you need to do is place a minimum of ₦20, 000 in your account for a period of 30 days.

RWIN offers you a competitive interest rate on your funds. You also stand a chance of winning up to ₦250, 000 at our raffle draw held every month. Just imagine what you could do with a whopping 250,000 every month! 

Are you an income earner seeking a smart and secure way to achieve your financial goals? Place your funds in the Rosabon Earning Plan( REAP) with unlimited accessibility and amazing interest rates! 

REAP is a rewarding monthly plan which allows you to set aside a part of your earnings to meet up with future financial plans.

Whether you are planning towards building a house, paying your children’s tuition, paying your rent, getting a nice car, or even going away on a vacation, REAP allows you to achieve these goals easily. 

Targeted towards self-employed and working-class individuals, corporate and small to medium scale businesses, the Rosabon Tenor Note – RTN is a tensor-based fund placement plan that offers highly competitive interest rates.

RTN is a flexible plan that allows you to determine your deposit, tenor, and form of payment. 

Get on board today and EARN great returns!

With their unbeatable returns, our fund placement plans will keep you on track, ensuring that you achieve your goals right on time. Want to get more returns from your funds?  Talk to us at Rosabon Financial Services today!

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