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Traveling with Kids this Summer?

Summer holidays are here, and for many, this means we get to have quality family time. However, as fun as the idea of a family vacation is, traveling with kids can be challenging, especially when it involves long drives, flights, and different time zones.

Here are five ways to prepare yourself, and your kids, as well as to make your family vacation a special and memorable experience.

Decide the destination together

When planning your summer trip, get your kids involved. Provide different destination options and let them choose their favorite. Research hotels, fun activities,  child care options, food, and craft the itinerary together.

Kids love to be given responsibility, so let them take some ownership in the vacation planning stage.

Make a list of everything you need for the trip

Diapers, toothbrushes, shampoos, kid’s headphones, water bottles, snack boxes, goggles – check!  

Having a list whether electronically or handwritten saves you at least 30 minutes of packing time with each trip. Keep the list and make sure to update it as your needs as well as the kids’ change. 

Fly at Night

When it comes to flying with kids, it’s best to travel in the evening to make it smoother for all involved. After you get through security, get your kids into their pajamas and let them relax. If all goes well they should sleep off quite quickly after the excitement of take-off.

Avoid giving them access to Tablets, Phones, or In-Flight entertainment. Instead, play some relaxing music to make them sleep, giving you enough time to yourself before the hustle and bustle begin.

Take your time

Your itinerary may be crammed full of exciting activities, which makes it important to consider how your kids will cope with all of them. Take a break between visits and consider a maximum of two outings per day so that your kids also relax on their holiday. 

Return to your hotel or apartment in between tours for a nap so that your kids will wake up full of energy to visit the next location.

Create exciting memories

Traveling with your kids during summer is a great way to create family memories that will last for generations. Document your family moments in journals, photo books, frames, and buy mementos that will serve as a reminder of the amazing time you had as a family.

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