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Last year, Adeola, a fashion designer in Lagos started saving up for a vehicle to make his business easier most especially with deliveries to customers in their homes and offices. At the verge of completing the savings, an emergency came up and he had to spend the money.

Since then he abandoned the dream and opted to borrow his cousin’s vehicle whenever he had deliveries. This arrangement went on smoothly until two weeks ago when Adeola’s cousin informed him of the decision to sell his car. He had to go back to relying solely on cabs; an expense that is eating deep into his pocket with at least three thousand Naira spent each day on  delivery.

With his cousin’s car gone, Adeola has two choices; keep paying exorbitant cab fares or buy a car. Buying a car outrightly was not an option as he just renewed his shop rent, hence the dilemma!

At award winning Rosabon Financial Services, we understand how difficult it can be to fully finance a vehicle at once with other financial responsibilities at hand. To relieve our customers of the pressure and stress, we offer very affordable and quality Leasing Services.

Our affordable lease was created to meet the vehicular needs of all our clients whether for personal or business use. With the lowest interest rates (as low as 18 Percent) available in the financial market, Rosabon’s Affordable Lease  provides the opportunity to get any vehicle (Used or Brand New) without stress and at an easy repayment plan between 31-42 Months.

Our customers get way more than they pay for as we take care of registration, insurance, glass protection (with an anti-glass break film) and Vehicle tracking. Nothing beats that!

For more information, visit, send a mail to [email protected] or call us on +2348150880038, +2348150880039.


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