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What Are Your Financial Resolutions?

Resolutions are often thought of as cliche. Many people find being constantly asked about their resolutions annoying.

However, making resolutions is a tradition that you should not joke with because if the past years have taught us anything, it is the need to always be prepared as tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Wondering how best to prepare your finances for the New Year? These tips should help out. 
Review Your Current Goals:

Before setting out new goals, take a look at your current financial goals. Did you achieve what you set out for 2021? How closely did the year’s spending match what you had planned? 

Give careful thought to the new SMART goals, as this would help you track milestones.

Start A New Financial Habit:

There is no wrong time to start making healthy financial habits. 

You could read a few financial articles that focus on your goals or start investing or any other financial habits that work for you. 

Start with investing N20,000 monthly into the Rosabon Earning Plan – REAP and up to 15% interest rates on your fund.

Increase Your Cash Flow:

It is time to get creative, find ways to make passive income. Look out for business opportunities that will bring you more money to augment your current income. 

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