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Win Big This April When You Finance The Purchasing Of Your Car Through Rosabon

Have you been deliberating on when you wish to get your dream car this year? This April might just be the perfect time for you to do so! Finance a new car (whether a used car, Tokunbo or a brand new car) this April through Rosabon Financial Services and get rewarded with a home appliance.


Rosabon Financial Services one of Nigeria’s leading Financial Institutions, licensed by Central Bank of Nigeria and audited by the E.Y will be 25 years this April! As part of their celebrations for their 25th Anniversary, Rosabon would be rewarding individuals who finance the acquisition of a new car through their Consumer Lease solution, various home appliances like washing machines, gas cookers, food processors and many more.


To participate in this promo, pick any car of your choice from any car dealer or owner and apply for a consumer lease with Rosabon in this month of April and you’ll automatically qualify for the weekly draw.

All you have to do is to pay a little percentage of the cost of the vehicle upfront and Rosabon would finance the rest. After which you’ll be making a pre-agreed monthly payment for a certain duration of time, during this period the vehicle will be in your possession but the ownership of the vehicle shall be in Rosabon Financial Services name. Once you have made all the payment at the end of your lease agreement, the ownership of the vehicle will automatically be transferred to you.


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