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financially fit

3 Ways To Get Financially Fit In The Year 2020

financially fit

It is the New Year and we are super excited. Many of us have created a list of goals and resolutions for the New Year. Have you considered creating our financial goals and assessing our financial health? 

You probably spend a lot of time thinking about your physical fitness; with questions like how often should you work out? What type of diet should you be on? As nice as these are, have you ever spent time thinking about your finances?  Have you calculated how much you saved or spent last year? What is your current net worth? What are your financial goals? How do you hope to achieve your financial goals for this year?

Like our physical health, assessing our financial well being is essential in achieving a well-rounded success as it can benefit you. It is never too late to get your finances in order, get out of debt and improve your financial literacy. With these easy steps you are on your financial well being. 

Here are three ways to get financially fit: 

1.Forgive and forget past financial problems: Ask yourself what lessons you have learnt from the mistakes you have made in 2019. Think of ways to do things differently to avoid making similar mistakes this New Year. 

2. Make your budget fun: One reason you didn’t get to follow your budget the previous year may be due to its rigidity. Doing the same boring budget routine may not motivate you to get your finances in shape. Think up new ways to make your budget enjoyable.

3. Start 2020 with Rosabon Treasury Portal: What better way to get financially fit, than with Rosabon Treasury portal? Earn high returns on your investment anywhere and anytime on the portal.  Enjoy amazing benefits when you log on to

Don’t delay, start now. Start the year financially fit with a financial plan backed by financial support from your tested and trusted financial services provider. For more information on Rosabon’s offerings, contact us on 0815 088 0038, 0815 088 0039, 0815 084 6659 or 0815 084 6657. You can also email us at [email protected].

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