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financial goals

Easy Steps To Setting Your Financial Goals.

You’ve probably thought about other life goals: getting fit or healthy, becoming more intentional with your time, or learning a new skill. But what about money goals?  How do you intend to achieve your money goals?

You see, to achieve your financial goals for 2020, you have to first set them.  Think about it. You may not consult a map for a trip to any Shoprite store close to you, but you will want directions, or a plan, for a vacation trip interstate in Nigeria.

So, when it comes to setting your personal financial goals,  deliberate planning is key. Paying off student loans, a new car, or rent for your home does not happen overnight, you need to follow through with simple ‘Do-It-Yourself steps.

Here are 3 easy steps to setting and achieving your financial goals.

1. Write out your financial goals:

Make a list of your financial goals, write it out. Writing out your goals provides you with  less stress. It gives you the opportunity to have a greater control of your life which in turns leads to peace of mind. 

2. Become more financially aware:

It’s one thing to write out S.M.A.R.T financial goals. It is another thing to know what you indulge in that drains your finances,  so you can take measures to overcome or avoid them. If you know yourself, you will know how to focus on your financial goals and your plans to grow your money.

3. Grow your funds with Treasury Portal:

Start growing your money with our improved and easy-to-navigate treasury portal. With it, you can earn unbeatable interest rates and have total control and surveillance of your funds to watch them grow.  To begin, register now:

Don’t delay, start now. Start the year financially fit with a financial plan backed by financial support from your tested and trusted financial services provider. For more information on Rosabon’s offerings, contact us on 0815 088 0038, 0815 088 0039, 0815 084 6659 or 0815 084 6657. You can also email us at [email protected].

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