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Financial Goals

New Year, New You: What Are Your Financial Goals?

Do you  want to save more money, make more money and also, reduce your debts this year?


Now is a good time to set those New Year resolutions

The start of the New Year is the perfect time to reflect  on what you want to improve in your life and hit the ground running to make it happen. What better way to start it than to put your finances under a microscope and take control of your money?

To achieve this, you need to ask yourself these simple questions:

  • How much should I save to achieve my financial goals?
  • Will borrowing money help me achieve my financial goals?
  • What interest rate do I need to earn on my investments to achieve my financial targets?

Once you can honestly answer these questions, then you are probably on your way to determining what your financial goals are.

Here are examples of financial goals you should set for yourself:

1. Make a budget and live by it: 

Define the amount you want to spend on your expenses and also calculate your income. You are on the right track to becoming wealthy when you focus on your assets and income.

2. Be financially independent: 

You may not be an “Harry or a Meghan”, but you also deserve to be financially independent.

With our simple and easy to navigate Rosabon Treasury Portal,  you can attain the financial freedom, ease and convenience you desire while you watch your money grow. To begin, visit now.

3. Make extra money:

Do you know you can make extra cash to augment your income by becoming a partner with Rosabon?  You can earn as high as N500,000 monthly when you refer our services to your family and friends.

4. Build your future:

Developing your future needs to be as deliberate as having quick cash to support your immediate financial responsibilities and projects. You have access to N100,000 and up to N6 million collateral-free with Rosabon Personal Loan.

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