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4 Strategies For Sustainable Business Growth

Building a business that lasts can be difficult. Especially in the current economic climate.

The major problem facing small and medium enterprises in Nigeria today is lack of capital.

Without sufficient capital, businesses cannot grow or thrive.

Funding your startup can be difficult, but Rosabon offers a number of financial options tailored especially for entrepreneurs to support and sustain their businesses. Our in-house experts also offer solid financial advice for entrepreneurs through our various media channels.

These four strategies will help you attain sustained entrepreneurial growth

  • Have a detailed plan
  • Be flexible.
  • Work smart AND hard
  • Look out for financial opportunities

Let’s Help Grow Your Business

Rosabon has been the recipient of’s Best SME Financial Advisory award, and not for nothing. RFS is committed to helping SMEs strike a balance between expenses and investments so as to maximize profitability.

One of the ways we aim to do that is through Rosabon Emerging Enterprise Fund(REEF)

REEF is a financial solution for SMEs aimed at helping them cater to daily operational funds while having enough funds set aside for emergencies or other goals.

Benefits of REEF

  • Free access to quarterly business seminars specifically designed for SMEs
  • Access to affordable business loans
  • Interest on investment can be collected upfront to fund working capital needs
  • A Dedicated helpdesk to assist should you have enquires
  • Free publicity on our website
  • Networking opportunities at our annual events

Call us at 08150880039 to talk about REEF and the support options available for your business. You can also chat with a client service representative on WhatsApp at 08150880038 or email us at  [email protected].


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