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People At Rosabon (II)

In our People at Rosabon series, we catch up with our in-house experts as they share some insights on how the company works.

We want our clients to get to know the people behind the brand. These experts will also offer useful tips and advice that entrepreneurs and other business people can tap into. Today’s session is with Taiwo Julius, the Manager: Talent Acquisition & Performance Management at Rosabon.

You can read what he has to share about Effective Management below:

Management is first about leadership; getting things done through people and achieving desired objectives and set goals with the help of the people on your team.

People would go the extra mile for a leader they believe in.

To manage effectively and be a leader that inspires, the following personal qualities are essential:

  • Empathy

You have to really care about people and be willing to put yourself in their shoes and see things from their point of view.

  • Vision

A visionary leader is one that succeeds. You need to have a clear-cut vision for the company and the people you are managing.

  • Firmness and  Fairness

Fairness goes a long way, and it ties in with empathy too.

  • Flexibility

You need to be able to vary your management style as needed. There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to managing people, resources, or an organization.

  • Strategic Planning and Situational Judgement

While your experience will come in handy, lots of times, you get to learn that you can’t use past experience as a yardstick for every single situation. You need to judge each new situation on its own merit and create a strategy that works for it.

  • Be Goal Oriented

Streamline goals for each department and carve out KPIs for each group based on these goals. Your goals should also be SMART.



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