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4 Ways To Make Money As University Students

Gone are the days when students wore the ‘broke badge’ with honor. Nowadays, many students want to live comfortably even while they are still in school.

Just because you’re a university student, doesn’t mean you have to be broke. There are a lot of ways you can make money while studying. Here are a few of them:

Sell Online

Do you have something you do so well for free at the moment? It’s time to start making money from your talent – hair dressing, baking, burning, crafts etc.

 Start taking pictures of your goods or services , create your online platforms- Facebook, Instagram , YouTube etc to advertise your goods and sell, sell, sell. 

Share on as many platforms as you can because you never know which would make your product could go viral.

Become A Rosabon Broker

If you are convincing, charming and can sell anything, becoming a Rosabon Broker is the best option for you. 

All you need to do is link us with your network of friends and family who need our financial services – loans, leases or investment opportunities.

Once we seal the deal with them, you get your commission straightaway! 

This is a good way to earn extra income as well as  build some good relationships with possible future opportunities.

Be A Tutor

What better way to earn money than by helping others? If you are especially good at a certain subject, sport or musical instrument you can make money off it by teaching others.

Most students, especially new intakes, can be clueless in most of their courses, so they need someone with experience to guide them to achieve academic success. 

Take advantage of this and earn some extra cash. 

Take On Photography 

Do you have a decent phone, great eyes for details and the right editing tools? You might just start raking in some cash from photography gigs.

You can take lifestyle and products shots for creatives and business owners in return for some money.

With constant practice you can even move from smartphones to cameras and begin yo charge more.

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