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3 Ways To Build Relationships With Your Clients

You have successfully referred others to our financial solution and have received 1-2% upon the completion of their transaction.

What next? You may ask.

It’s now time to build and nurture your relationship with your clients. Remember getting the first referral might be easy but it is the constant work of maintaining this relationship that will help you gain the brokerage commission repeatedly.

As a Rosabon Broker,

A. You know exactly who our ideal clients are

  • Individuals 
  • Small & Medium scale business
  • Public sector workers
  • Salary Earners 
  • Investors
  • Registered & Unregistered Business Owners

B.You know how to recognize when someone needs our financial solutions 

C. You are familiar with the various ways to introduce our loans, leases and investment offerings. 

D.You are open to feedback on how to improve their referrals to you

E. You can do all of the above well so that the customer is practically pre-sold on our solutions before being handed over to the Brokerage Administrators. 

Knowing who our ideal clients are is not enough, you also need to know how to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the clients. 

Here Are Three Ways To Build A Strong Relationship With Your Network: 

1.Stay on top of their mind:

With the amount of information readily available, in order to keep your referred clients, ensure you stay in touch with them so that they think of you when they hear about/ have financial opportunities. It is important to maintain frequent and personal contact with those who are interested in both our corporate and personal financial offerings. The rule is to just keep the communication channels open!

2.Build a strong reputation:

Every broker has their own style of how to sell the various Rosabon loans, leases and investment packages, and also communicating with their customers, but what’s most important is integrity and doing things the right way. Your reputation is literally all you have as a broker. You are not only selling our offerings, but you are also selling yourself and your service, so it is important that you build your reputation. 

3.Earn the right to receive referrals from your professional networks: Your network can refer you to other customers and decision-makers if you have nurtured a relationship with them over time. Earn quality leads by relating to your clients often.  

 For more information on Rosabon Brokerage offerings, please contact 08150846661, 08112390999 or click here to get started and see our array of offerings you can sell to your network. 

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