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Put Money In Your Pocket With RFS Brokerage


Are you interested in learning how to earn extra income?  

If yes, all you need is to invite your network who would benefit in Rosabon financial offerings to take our loans, leases or investment offerings. The truth is, even if you have a great job that pays you a top salary, chances are you could always use a little more money in your pocket.

With the Rosabon Brokers program, you have the opportunity to earn more. 

Rosabon Brokers Program helps you earn an extra income by providing you with assets that facilitate your earnings. With your rich network of individuals, you can earn as much as you desire simply by introducing our financial solution to your contacts and referring them to us.

As a business consultant, you can refer to your business networks who are interested in accessing a business loan facility to Rosabon and earn brokerage commissions when they complete their transactions. Or you probably know of a friend who needs help in replacing his car. Just think of the numerous opportunities you have when you become a solution provider by becoming a broker. 

Why should you recommend Rosabon solutions to others?

During the lockdown, you have studied and have simultaneously listened to the financial problems of your family members, your friends and your colleagues, and have wondered how you can help them.

You have experienced them trying to achieve their financial goals or have seen their businesses struggle with financial decisions. Now you can finally help them solve their financial problems by recommending our loans, leases and investment offerings and you get 1%- 2% commission for every referral you make. Now, that is a win-win for everyone. 

Other benefits include:
  • Earn up to 2% on successful referrals.
  • Access to a steady second stream of income.
  • Increase in revenue potential through earning opportunities.
  • Enjoy monthly payment of the commission to your bank account.
  • Reward on your efforts: the higher the number of leads, the more you earn!
  • Regular sales and networking training.

For more information on Rosabon Brokerage offerings, please contact 08150846661, 08112390999 or click here to get started and see our array of offerings you can sell to your network. 

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