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brokerage program

What Is A Brokerage Program?

You probably have heard of the Rosabon Brokerage program, but you need more information. Whether you admit it or not, money matters, and you are constantly in search of ways to make more money.

Not to worry, now you can skip the trouble of earning from back-breaking tasks and activities by simply referring your friends and family to join the program.

Rosabon brings you a chance to earn money with its very active and rewarding brokerage program. You can earn up to 2% commission on every successful transaction you make when you refer our financial solutions to friends and networks. 

With Rosabon brokerage, you can earn extra money and build a steady income stream for yourself by converting your acquaintances, friends and family members into Rosabon clients.

You can refer to any number of clients without any obligation from your end. Whomever you refer would be contacted by our team of expert administrators who would follow up with their transactions.

All you have to do is to refer our offerings to your contacts, make sure they complete a financial transaction, whether loan, lease or investment and then you get 1%-2% commission on the transaction.

To get started:
  • Register to be a Rosabon broker.
  • Introduce our leases, loans and investment offerings to your contacts.
  • Take the assessment test.
  • Generate viable leads from your contacts.
  • Hand over the leads to the Brokers administrators.
  • These leads would be converted to sales by the brokers’ team.
  • You will earn up to  2% on every successful transaction generated.

For more information on Rosabon Brokerage offerings, please contact 08150846661, 08112390999 or click here to get started and see our array of offerings you can sell to your network.

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