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Give Your Business The Leverage You Need

Mrs Franca Ukwujobi has been very passionate about the fashion industry. After her NYSC programme, she decided to start her own fashion business, based on her desire for every young woman to be able to look confident in stylish affordable clothing.

Due to the pandemic, she was unable to get her usual walk-in customers and had to expand her business online so that new and old customers can enjoy the convenience of shopping online. Very quickly, she was in high demand as more customers trooped in ready to pay for multiple clothing pieces. Unfortunately, Franca was unprepared for the growth of her business and the demand became overwhelming for her and her assistants. 

In June 2020, Franca turned to Rosabon Financial Services for a loan of N6 million to expand her business. She and the business loan experts from Rosabon went through the loan application process step by step easily and she got the funds she needed that same week. Since then, her business has thrived beyond her own expectations.

No matter what kind of business you own, not having enough money to run your business may lead to distress in effective business operations. Adequate money is required to fund your short-term needs and business operations. 

That is why, it is important to secure the extra money needed to help grow your business and navigate through all your inventory and operational issues. Having extra support with your finances would most definitely help you avoid unwanted surprises, stay afloat and survive those tough months; while you keep your customers happy and satisfied.

If you have a struggling business and you need help to keep it up and running, Rosabon Business Support Loan(SPBS)  is the answer; created for businesses like yours. With it, you can get up to N50 million to grow your business quickly and easily.

With Rosabon Business Support Loan, you can be sure of the following: 
  • Meet your business needs at your convenience.
  • Easy access to funds this week
  • Flexible repayments of up to 6 months
  • Minimal interest rates. 

 You too can take advantage of our financial offerings like Mrs Franca Ukwujobi and be on your way to fulfilling your business dream with Rosabon Business Support Loan.

Drop your inquiries in the comment section below and we would respond to them. For further information about our various Rosabon loan offerings, contact us on 0815 088 0038, 0815 088 0039, 0815 0846659. You can also email us at [email protected]

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