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How Big Are Your Dreams? Get Started With Rosabon Earning Plan

This question was posed to Mr Fumto when he called the Rosabon hotline. Mr Fumto,who specializes in dealing with the sales of clothes at Idumota Market has been looking to expand his business.Before the lockdown, despite making close to N300,000 monthly, was unable to save any reasonable amount of money at the end of the month.

Tired of living with a hand-to-mouth situation even after years of earning and hard work. He knew he no longer wanted to spend all that he got, he looked for ways to improve his business and finances. He decided to search for solutions, however, he did not get the answers needed. His friends refused to provide an appropriate answer, whispering among themselves:

“You know,everything is hard.”

While searching for answers, he came across a Facebook Ad for one of our investment packages, REAP(Rosabon Earning Plan), which piqued his interest and prompted him to call our financial experts to inquire. He had an insightful discussion with one of our financial advisors and he was advised appropriately,according to the goal he was planning to achieve in the next year.

Mr Fumto started a REAP investment in April 2020, choosing to place funds N100,000, monthly in his account. By July 2020, he has accrued N400,000, Mr Fumto is on his way to fulfilling his dreams of becoming a millionaire by March 2021(1 year after his initial fund placement) at 15% interest rate per annum and open his new clothing boutique.

You too can stop using the pandemic as an excuse and be on your way to fulfilling your dream with REAP account.

Click here to get started.
Drop your inquiries in the comment section below and we would respond to them. For further information about REAP and the various Rosabon offerings available, contact us on 0815 088 0038, 0815 088 0039, 0815 0846659. You can also email us at [email protected]

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