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How To Improve Your Finances While Social Distancing.

Are you feeling frustrated due to inability to purchase that new car or manage your business? Do you have trouble sorting family or medical emergencies? Are you in search of ways to improve your finances while social distancing?

If yes, you are not alone. 

You probably have been too focused on the financial implications of the pandemic, as it has in one way or another, transformed life as you know it. You may have unconsciously blamed the pandemic  for not allowing you to accomplish your various financial goals this year. 

Here are ways you should improve your finances while social distancing:
1.Create a Budget:

Don’t wait until after the economy improves before focusing on your budget. Track your spending especially data and fuel/ diesel consumption even while working from home. 

2. Watch Youtube videos:

Visit Rosabon on Youtube to learn how you can improve your funds. The more you know about your finances, the better you become at managing your finances and making good financial decisions.  

3.  Open A Rosabon Earning Plan Account:

Rosabon Earning Plan makes an excellent option for saving money towards a financial goal and helping you build that all important nest egg. With funds as low as N20,000 set aside using REAP, you can improve your finances and earn a competitive and flexible interest rate on your money.

Click here to get started.

4. Get a side hustle:

Would you like to make more money from a guaranteed side hustle? Join the brokerage program and get extra money in your pocket. Click here to get started or call Doris on 0815084661.

5.Have a Friend/Mentor For Financial Matters:

One of the upsides of physical social distancing is the chance to remotely connect with people. Get connected with anyone who can help you build your finances and provide you with useful financial advice. You can take advantage of this unique opportunity of remotely connecting to other people to grow your finances. 

For more information on Rosabon’s offerings, contact us on 0815 088 0038, 0815 088 0039, 0815 084 6659 or 0815 084 6657. You can also email us at [email protected]

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