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How to Manage Your Finances During COVID-19.


As you know, COVID-19 is a global health crisis and we are all in this together. Regardless of location, personality or popularity, the all-too real impact of COVID-19 can be felt on businesses, employees, customers and the regular person on the street. 

With the shutdown in full effect across various locations (Lagos, Ogun and Abuja) within the nation, you – like the rest of us – are stuck at home practicing social distancing. While your available funds are depleting quickly, your expenses are increasing exponentially. I mean, who would have thought so much money would be needed to stay safe and healthy?

Running out of funds and in need of financial boost? We understand completely and have got you covered. 

Here are a few steps you can take to navigate your finances during this crucial times:
1.Have and maintain your emergency fund:

The prices of goods are skyrocketing, and you definitely will need to stock up your house with essentials. You don’t have to panic buy, rather you need to get yourself prepared.

If you have emergency savings set aside to wait out the COVID-19 situation, fantastic. You were ready!

If you do not have emergency savings stashed away for a ‘rainy’ season such as this, calm down… you are not alone and it is never too late to start now (beginning with your transportation and lunch money. Every little helps). 

2.Build an emergency budget:

It’s important that you plan your expenses during this period. All you need to do is assess your current financial situation, figure out what you want to buy and stock up on essentials. Remember to cut back on buying non-essentials and don’t spend money on unnecessary things. 

3.Ask for help:

Whatever you decide to do, understand that we all are in this together. Although your first thought might be to ask your support system (e.g. family and friends) for financial help during this period of a 14-day lockdown, remember they are also dealing with this same crisis.

Interested in getting financial help during the COVID-19 period? With Rosabon, you can get Personal Loans starting from as low as N50,000 and up to N6 Million, no collateral needed, and access the following benefits:

●   Accessible within 24 hours of application  
●  Pay back at your convenience, over a period of 15 months

For more on our loan offerings, click the apply button below to make enquiries.

Oh, and if you are unsure of how to protect yourself — and your loved ones, your finances and your sanity at this time, we will be here to navigate this journey with you.

Alternatively, you can contact us today and call Busola on 0815 088 0038 (Lagos), Rita on 0815 088 0039 (Lagos), Folashade on 0815 084 6657 (Lagos), Sophia on 0815 084 6659 (Port Harcourt), Chineye on 0815 088 0082 (Port Harcourt) or Aderonke on 0811 239 1001 (Abuja). You can also chat us on WhatsApp on 0815 088 0066 or send us an email at [email protected].

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