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business owner

Make Extra Money As A Business Owner

business owner

No business owner, especially a small business owner, is free from worry about cashflow. While it is impossible to summon money out of thin air, it is not impossible to find alternative ways to make more money. Just imagine the possibility of earning extra money to help with your cash flow.

Do you know of any business or Corporate Organization in need of business loans or vehicle/equipment leasing options? Would your business partners and customers be interested in our affordable and highly rewarding Loans, Lease, Investment and Partnership packages?

Rosabon brings you a chance to earn money with its very active and rewarding brokerage program. You can earn up to 2% commission on every
successful transaction you make when you refer our financial solutions to friends and networks.

You can go beyond increasing sales by solving your customers’ problems by
introducing them to our financial solutions. You can help your customers and business networks solve their financial problems and get more money to grow your business. If your business contacts are in need of loans, leases and investment packages, don’t be shy about referring us to your contacts and explaining how our financial services benefit them.

Why you should become a Rosabon Broker as A Business Owner
  • Become a trustworthy guide for your customers
  • Double your network overnight
  • Get extra revenue for your business with 1-2% on every successful transaction
  • Access to discounted financial offerings
  • Regular and ongoing network and product training.
  • Enjoy monthly payment of the commission to your bank account.
  • Reward on your efforts: the higher the number of leads, the more you earn!

For more information on Rosabon Brokerage offerings, please contact 08150846661, 08112390999 or click here to get started and see our array of offerings you can sell to your network.

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