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How To Cope With Being Unexpectedly Unemployed

Has your job or career been affected by the pandemic? Are you struggling financially or unemployed as a result of the pandemic? Do you need funds to tide you over while you continue with job search?

As many businesses reopen across Nigeria, workers are forced to navigate the new reality that has surfaced. This reality includes remote working, pay cuts, and unemployment.

With the loss of income comes financial uncertainty, how would you pay your monthly recurring bills. Dealing with the financial situation could be a painful and frightening reality check, leading you to experience an overwhelming sense of loss, depression, helplessness.You need to think of how to start earning again. (You may want to consider picking up a side hustle, using your talent and skills from your previous full time job for freelancing. This might be the best time to consider opening your own business).

Here Are Steps To Organising Your Finances While Unemployed:
1. Create a budget:

If you have never created a budget to guide how you spend money, now is the best time to do it. Your budget should be based on how much money you have available.

2. Focus on the things necessary to survive

Do you have enough to cover necessary costs, while you search for your next opportunity? Remember your priorities and ensure that they are taken care of for the time being.

Consider these questions:

  • How much income do I need to survive?
  • Are there ways I can supplement my non-existing income?
  • How soon could I replenish my savings if I use them?

Answer these questions truthfully before dipping into your emergency fund.

3. Start a side hustle:

Losing your job may mean losing a steady stream of monthly income. However, it doesn’t mean that there are no other ways to earn money. Join the brokerage program, this provides you with an opportunity to solve your financial problems and increase the money in your pocket. Click here to get started or call Doris on 0815084661

4. Get A Rosabon Loan:

Are you looking  for financial steps to take? Do you have other sources of income beyond your paycheck? Are you looking to start up your own business? Gain access to loans up to N6 Million to help you take care of  arising financial emergencies. With your car and landed property, you can get a loan while still job-hunting.

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5. Be Prepared For Next Time:

Losing a job is never fun. As soon as you get back on your feet, immediately start preparing for the next possible emergency. Start saving money again with the Rosabon Earning Plan to help. With as little as N20,000, you can reap high rewards and get financially secured.

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At Rosabon, we provide quick access to loans that would help you with all your financial needs today so you can be the best you, tomorrow. Check out for more information to help you cope.

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  1. Hello, good morning sir, I my pleasure to be here. Please im a security guard presently working and I need sixty thousand naira to loan support my wife business which will kind pay back and I want to know what will be the colateral.

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