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Money Management Tips For Fashion Lovers


As a salary earner, we all have that colleague who manages to look so good, and make us wonder how they can afford to do so while earning the same meagre salary. That’s because he/she has probably figured out the right way to manage their finances

Managing our money means making sure that our present and future financial needs are met, these needs include buying clothes, paying for house rent,buying cars and many more.  However when it comes to our money for shopping, we tend to forget to look at our monthly budget. Our wardrobe has become a store for all trending fashion as we try to “keep up with the Ojos”, and now contains all of  the ‘aso ebi’s we promise to buy for the last time.

Here are some money-saving tips every fashion lover should know:
1.Create A Budget:

Whether it is N20,000 per month or N100,000 per month, set aside your monthly shopping budget and stick to it.You can roll over the extra money you did not spend to the following month. Do not give in to the temptation of spending more than is required.

 2. Invest in a quality “core” wardrobe:

 You can save up for the essential fashion items you need.  With the Rosabon Earning Plan, you can earn as high as 15% interest rates on your savings and slay into the “peng” future you desire. Click here to get started. 

3.Be disciplined:

Not all fashion lovers throw caution into the wind for a must have outfit or accessory but as every fashion lover knows, the  desire for that perfect item can be a beautiful (sometimes obsessive) dream. To avoid  a total nightmare with your finances, it is important to consistently remain disciplined. 

4.Save money and shop your closet:

Before heading out to buy that new outfit, take some time to look through your closet first. Spend an afternoon going through your wardrobe and try to find new ways to mix, match or style what you already have. You never know what is hiding beneath your closet. 

5: Always Go For Quality Statement Pieces: You don’t need to have an unlimited budget to be in style.

Here are some budget friendly stores you should check out: 

  1. @Ladybiba clothing store,
  2. @Miskay boutique,
  3. @Oluwafemiclothing, 
  4. @David wej

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to break the bank for you to look and feel your best. By following these tips, you can have a closet filled with clothes you love and an account filled with money.

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