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Financial Tips: It’s Time To Breakup With Your Car

Amaka has visited her mechanic workshop thrice this month, due to her frequent and consistent car breakdown. She hopes to replace new one but with the money she has, she cannot afford to get another in even in her dreams.

Wahala for who dey find awoof car deals during new normal,’ she thought to herself.

As a salary earner, she does not have enough money to buy a new car although she knows her car is no longer safe to drive on the road, especially Third Mainland bridge.

While struggling with her thought, she received a Rosabon sponsored post on her Facebook account. Immediately, she visited their website for the information she required and call the numbers visible on the screen.

Luckily, she got connected to a financial expert, who informed her of the possibility of getting a new car without waiting to complete her savings.

After submitting the required documents and making the initial payment , she received keys to a brand new Suzuki SX4 2018 model.

You too can become a car owner with Rosabon Consumer Lease. All you have to do is to provide a small percentage of the total value of the asset and we will take care of the rest.

This affordable lease facility offers salaried individuals who would like to get the car of their dreams. With all these considered, you can now buy your dream vehicle.

Want to know more about the Rosabon financial options available to you?

Contact us today on 0700-ROSABON (0700-7672266), 01- 4601130, 090-8898-8555 or call Sophia on 0815 084 6659 (Port Harcourt), Chineye on 0815 088 0082 (Port Harcourt) or Aderonke on 0811 239 1001 (Abuja) or send us
an email at [email protected]

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