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black friday

Money Matters: Why do we spend so much on Black Friday?

Black Friday is officially a mood. 

With all the Black Friday ads, newsletters, text messages and tempting discounted prices displayed for everyone to see, even a prudent spender can be convinced to splurge on needed – and sometimes unnecessary – items.

The unanswered question however is the same every year: “Why do we spend so much on Black Friday?”

 We’ve got two major guesses: 

  1. Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO): No matter who you are, A great motivation to spend during this season is the Fear Of Missing Out on something exciting – be it amazing deals and discounts or the opportunity to own a relatively new product. 
  2. Retail Therapy: For many of us, shopping is a stress reliever. In fact, Retail therapy (and even its more intense cousin, compulsive shopping) may be more common than people realize. 

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