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Mrs Olufunsho Easily Accessed A 5 Million Naira To Start Her Business

Mrs Olufunsho a long time staff of one of the new generation banks in Nigeria had spent close to twenty years in the banking industry and in 5 years she’d be retiring from her job. Although, she earns quite a great deal of money monthly, she however didn’t have much to show for it and wasn’t keen to let all her hard-work over the years be in vain.

Mrs Olufunsho started confiding in some of her very close friends who were doing well, she explained her fears to them and how she is very keen on having a another steady source of income before she retires. Five years didn’t seem like a lot of time to achieve that and that bothered her.


One of her friends, Mrs. Chukwu, who had been trying to convince Mrs Olufunsho for years to join her clothing and accessories business was very excited about this development. The next task however was how Mrs. Olufunsho was going to raise enough capital to start her business. She didn’t have a substantial amount of savings in her account. Mrs Chukwu, the excited and anxious friend suggested that she took a credit facility with her bank who should offer her a low interest rate as a staff. She was certain she would get her required capital conveniently. Mrs Olufunsho was reluctant about the idea of getting a loan from her bank, since it would mean most of her subordinates or colleagues would get to know about it. They started researching for a better alternative outside the banking industry but couldn’t find a viable loan package.

On a Monday, when she was about leaving work, she noticed someone acting funny around her vehicle. Her heart skipped because she thought it was a car burglar. She took a few hasty steps forward and realised it was a skater putting a flyer on her windshield. Immediately, she got to where her vehicle was parked, she ripped the flyer off her vehicle’s windshield and was about throwing it away when she noticed it was a flyer for a loan facility which could enable her access up to 5 million Naira and above. She checked the details and researched about it online. The credit facility was Asset Cash Loan, a loan package offered by Rosabon Financial Services.

The next day, she called one of the phone numbers provided and got detailed information about how it works. All she needed was an asset to access the amount of capital she needed, which in this case would be her car and the great thing about it was that it came with a very low interest rate even lesser than what her bank would have offered her. She’d also still be in possession of her car during the repayment period, which is about 6 to 18 months (One and a half years) and definitely after she finished paying. This was a win-win situation for her.

Mrs Olufunsho visited Rosabon Financial Services office in Lagos the next day with all the documents, other requirements she was asked to come along with. Within the next 48 hours she was called by an account officer at Rosabon Financial Services who informed her that her loan had just been disbursed and true to his words, she got the alert a few mins later.

Three years later, Mrs Chukwu had visited Mrs Olufunsho at her new shop in Lekki, business was doing quite well. Mrs Chukwu had been making jest of how Mrs Olufunsho was stubborn and sceptical about going into a business.

You too can access up to 5 Million Naira easily and above with Rosabon Asset Cash Loan (ACL). Send a mail to [email protected]

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