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Reaching Your Financial Goals for 2018

Financial Goals
Reaching Financial Goals For 2018

It’s a new year and I’m quite sure you’ve got a list of goals you wish to achieve this year and if you don’t have any yet, it is not too late to start setting your goals, the year is still quite fresh, we are still in the month of January, so there is time to plan.


In case you are wondering what financial goals are? They are set targets with financial implications for future needs. Simply put, Financial goals are basically things you wish to achieve in a near or not too far future usually with financial implications.

Financial goals can include buying a car, renting an apartment or building a house, saving up for your children’s school fees or taking your family on that vacation they have been promised and so much more. Planning towards reaching these goals can be a daunting task if you’ve got just one source of income coupled with other responsibilities and expenses that can pop up at any time, making it quite hard to achieve your financial goals.


Have you considered other alternatives asides from your monthly income and I’m not just talking about going into business, because you encounter people who are into one business or the other on a daily basis and are probably looking to do same, if you go about it the wrong way you might end up running into unwanted losses which can’t have been your starting objective.

Considered Investing Your Funds?

There are lots of ways you can invest your funds to free up space for you to achieve your financial goals

Invest in Real Estate: Buying a piece of land and leaving it over a period of time for it’s value to increase (this must be in a prime location) so you can resell it for an higher price in the future. As great as this investment alternative is, you can lose it all to fraudsters, who are fast crowding the Real Estate sector in this side of the world. It can also take as long as 5 to 10 years or more before the landed property has a reasonable value depending on the location. The chances of you getting a good price for it within a year is relatively low, but if you are looking at something for the long term, it is a good investment choice if you make adequate research and deal with right the individuals.


Invest in Government Securities: Government securities is a bond issued by the government with a promise to repay when it matures and it is considered as a low risk investment because they are issued by the government. It can be in form of savings bond or in treasury bills.

A typical bond is usually issued to individuals or corporate organizations over a long period of time, which is also applicable in Nigeria. However, there is also the National Treasury Bills issued for the Federal Government of Nigeria by Central Bank of Nigeria, when the Government wishes to borrow within a year for short term funding. You can subscribe for 91 days(3 months), 182 days (6 months) or 364 days (1 year) and your invested funds would be paid to you with it’s yield at maturity. The yields are usually stated before you subscribe, however, the yields are not constant and can be quite low depending on when you subscribe.


Place your Funds with Reputable Financial Institutions: Financial institutions offer unbeatable interest rates on your placed funds as oppose to the meager interest rates you get on regular savings account with banking institutions and their yields or interest rates are quite stable. Which means you can be sure to get the same mouth watering interest rates irrespective on when you choose to invest or reinvest.

Financial Institutions have various investment packages, usually short term, tailored to suit the needs of individuals and you get your investment back at the end of the agreed tenor with interest or paid upfront based on your preference.


By investing your funds properly, achieving financial goals wouldn’t just be quite easy to plan but most importantly attainable within the set period of time.


You can chat with one of our financial advisor via Whatsapp on +2348150880038 for an investment package that would best suit you.

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